About EDRO Award

European Dermatology Research Organization offers a wide range of awards for projects and researches that further advance the ability to improve dermatology medicine. The award emphasizes on research efforts of scientists, biologists, and physicians as well as the benefits the research on medicine or dermatology community at large. Contestants as well as recipients of the award are expected to have significant potential in advancing patient care.

Research Efforts

The efforts from physicians, scientists or biologists are greatly considered and encouraged. The length and magnitude of the research are also put into the qualifying process. EDRO analyzes research efforts as groups, organizations as well as individuals.

Research Benefits

EDRO evaluates and prioritizes benefits a research bring to dermatology medicine, dermatology community as well as advancing patient care. Accomplishments and achievements a research’s results can positively bring to the medical world are the main factor determining the winner of the award.

EDRO Award Prizes


EDRO Uniquely Designed Trophy by Abel Leroy

EDRO Uniquely Designed Trophy by Abel Leroy

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