European Dermatology Research Organization

EDRO is an international scientific and non profit organization that researches and promotes all aspects of dermatology analysis and dermatology medicine. These includes the scientific and profession meetings of the organization, the publishing of academic information, the conducting of training and education, and the enactment of awards.

Goals of EDRO

The purpose of the organization is to encourage research on dermatology, skin care, and related fields, to improve the treatment for patients with skin-related problems and to academically publish information on dermatology research and medicine.

EDRO conducts and fully supports scientific training and education with integration of all significant and important European figures in the field including individuals or organizations.

The organization aims to be the cornerstone of dermatology research and project by acknowledging and establishing awards.

  • Conducting and Publishing Information on Researches 80%
  • Scientific Education, Meetings & Trainings 60%
  • Establishing Awards 30%
  • Integrating European Individuals & Organizations 40%

Board of Directors


Oslac Hoffmann, Ph.D

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Center for Dermatology Research, Germany and Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), Sweden.


Vice President (Internal)

Baccio De Luca, Ph.D

Institute for Chemical-Physical processes (IPCF), Italy.


Vice President (External)

Jonnathan Albinson, M.D

Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), England.



Fabienne Morel, Ph.D

Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique des particules (IN2P3), France.



Radoslav Golubev, Ph.D

State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR), Russia.





Our Partners

EDRO partners are significant individuals and organization across (but not limited to) Europe.