Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is typically caused by extreme fatigue and lasts more than several months. Though you’re in medication or take rest, unexplained tiredness isn’t improved. The causes of CFS are unknown clearly until now. It’s believed that strained relationships with friends and family, anxiety, emotional socks or other diseases may result in in CFS. The syndrome also affects many people in different ways. Currently, about 2.5 million Americans have lived with CFS. Moreover, women are two-four times more prone than men to be diagnosed. While medications may help you relieve the syndrome, food also plays an important role in treatment process. It has impact on fatigue symptoms. So you should take a look at your diet and consider what foods are good or bad for your syndrome. The following are some foods you should eat and avoid when you experience CFS.

Food to eat if you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome

Healthy foods support your immune system that helps to fight against tiredness and gain more energy. If you want to get rid of fatigue, try to add following foods to your meals.

1. Proteins

Protein is rich in meats that contain a large amount of necessary amino acid needed for your body. But, not all meat is good as red meat may cause unwanted health issues if you eat excessively. Instead of eating more red meats, other animal protein will be a good choice. It includes in fish, chicken breast, eggs. Besides, you can get protein from plant products. Though they’re not as good as animal protein in nutritional value, they are also considered ideal protein source. It has been found in plan products like beans or nuts.

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Protein contains a large amount of necessary amino acid needed for your body

Protein contains a large amount of necessary amino acid needed for your body

2. Grains

Grains contain lots of carbohydrates- the major energy source in your body. Adding whole grains to your meals will improve your digestive system. This allows the organ to keep good working order. So, you should eat healthy grains like brown ice, oatmeal, quinoa and barely. In case your body can’t consume too much carbohydrates, you may choose fruits and vegetables. These have great minerals which help people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome better.

3. Fruits and vegetables

As said before, fruits and vegetables are good for those who experience CFS. These foods are rich in antioxidant properties. The properties will help lessen free radical damage and delete fatigue. Strawberries, kales, plumbs, cherries and spinach contain more antioxidant properties. In some of them, blueberries have been found to have high amount of oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This helps protects red blood cells from oxidative injury.

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fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidant properties that reduce fatigue

fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidant properties that reduce fatigue

4. Fats

Fats aren’t as bad as you think. In fact, people with CFS are encouraged to eat healthy fats and avoid unhealthy ones. Healthy fats help improve your immune system, balance hormones and support mental function. Also, fats are powerful source of healthy energy. For example, extra virgin olive oil is a great fat source. It isn’t only plentiful in omega 3s but has also reduced cell death and decreased memory loss. Apart from olive oil, coconuts or avocadoes, fish or meat also contain more healthy fats that you should eat.

5. Flaxseed oil

If you’re coping with chronic fatigue syndrome, adding flaxseed oil is essential for you. It’s rich in omega 6s and omega 3s that assist blood circulation and are helpful for your joints. This oil may be used in variety of recipe.

flaxseed oil assists blood circulation and is beneficial for your joints

flaxseed oil assists blood circulation and is beneficial for your joints

Foods to avoid if you experience chronic fatigue syndrome

While healthy foods improve your immune system and delete CFS, unhealthy foods make your syndrome worse. It’s important to avoid following foods.

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1. Processed foods

Processed foods contain more preservatives have less nutrient and lots of calories. They also has more toxins and chemicals causing fatigue worse. So, instead of packaged foods, you should choose to eat more beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

Processed foods contain more preservatives taht have less nutrient and lots of calories

Processed foods contain more preservatives that have less nutrient and lots of calories

2. Coffee

While coffee brings many health benefits, caffeine may destroy your body in many ways. It only improves your health in a short time. And then, you may feel more tired. Also, coffee has impact on your sleep, you can’t have nice sleep when drinking coffee in the evening. And it obviously makes your syndrome worse.

3. Sugar

It’s natural if you want to eat sugary foods when you’re tired. Sugar gives you more energy when intake. But it may kill you afterwards. Not only does sugar increase inflammation, but it also uses lots of nutrients that the body has to process. Thus, you may experience more tired when consuming too much sugar. Besides, refined sugars are considered for leading to death. It’s recommended to eat more foods that’re naturally rich in sweet with a little bit energy.

Sugar increases inflammation making fatigue worse

Sugar increases inflammation making fatigue worse

4. Junk food

Junk food is seen one of the unhealthy foods that you should avoid. Eating chips, candies, chocolates and other processed junk foods can make you ill and lower energy levels. You can eat fruits instead of cakes or candy. While fruits also contain sugar, it has many nutrients which body needs.

5. Dairy intake

You’ll see your energy changes by limiting dairy intake within few weeks. This may not be easy for you. But you can drink cow’s milk or almond milk to make nutrient transition easier.

Chronic fatigue symptoms can be caused by lots of reasons. Long- term stress, a strained relationship, and emotional shocks can cause it. Sometimes, chronic diseases like lupus, arthritis or diabetes are also the causes. If fatigue is caused by lupus, you may take LupuFree supplement. It’s taken to reduce inflammation and balance your immune system. It’s also important to focus on your diet. Try to avoid unhealthy foods and eat more healthy ones to reduce fatigue.