Skin is the largest organ in the body that tells how your health is and how you take care of body. Hurt skin may make you unconfident in communication and uncomfortable in your life; otherwise, healthy and beautiful skin will create more confident and lots of chances in your jobs and relationships. Thus, it’s necessary to protect your skin.

As you know, there are a lot of reasons that lead to have many problems with your skin. Environmental factor is one of them. Environmental pollution, sunshine, extreme temperatures and smoke can damage the skin cells and create more bad symptoms on your skin. Besides, unhealthy diet, stress as well as getting not enough sleep lead to an unhealthy skin. Hence, understanding your skin conditions and the factors affect it will help maintain your beautiful skin. Here are some tips for your skin:

1. Protect your skin from the sunshine

UVA and UVB rays in the sunshine will harm your skin. They can develop your sunburn, wrinkles, ages spot, rashes and other skin problems. Thus, if you contact with the sunshine in a long time, you will realize some changes in your body, especially in arms, neck and face. Protecting the skin against sunshine is important to have a healthy skin.

You can use sunscreen whenever you go out. SPF 30 sunscreen can be effective for the skin. You should use it on the face every day, even on days the sun doesn’t shine. It’s because you are still exposed to UV rays through clouds and windows. It is more effective when you apply sunscreen 30’ before going out. And then, reapply every two hours.

One more thing you should remember that don’t go out between 11am and 2pm. At this time, the sun’s ray are strongest and your skin will be hurt easily. In some cases you must go out, it’s important for you to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing. You need to cover your skin with long sleeve shirts and long pan. Or you can wear clothing that is specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays.

But after using sunscreen, it’s essential for you to clean your skin. Water won’t do it completely, you need something to clear out of the sunscreen as well as dirt on the face. Washing your skin with coconut or olive oil can help remove these dirt on the skin.

Protect your skin by applying sunscreen

Protect your skin by applying sunscreen

2. Don’t smoke

Smoking will make your skin become older and contribute to wrinkles. Not only that, it will narrow the tiny blood vessels in the layers of skin. This lessens the skin of nutrients and oxygen that are important to skin health. Smoking also damage elastin and collagen that give your skin strength. If you continue to smoke, it will destroy your skin and lead to a lot of problems with your health. Thus, you need to stop smoking and avoid it. This not only prevents skin problems but also protects your health.

3. Have a healthy diet

A healthy diet gives more nutrient for the skin and makes the immune system stronger. You should eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins as well as whole grains. Some researchers suggest that a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, E, A and low in trans fats or cholesterol will promote younger skin. They help you look younger than your age. Besides, you need to avoid foods that contain more alcohol or caffeine. These substances will harm your skin, especially it increases your acne. Hence, the combination between healthy diet and skin is clear. You need to add more healthy foods and limit fast food or fried food.

Healthy diet gives more nutrient for the skin and makes the immune

Healthy diet gives more essential nutrition for the skin and makes the immune system stronger

4. Avoid stress and get enough sleep

More stress will damage your skin easily. It can raise your acne and other skin disorders. Especially uncontrolled stress and lack of sleep raise more complication of the skin and lead to more dangerous mental health. Thus, managing stress and getting enough sleep are important for your skin. The skin will have time to rest and gain more energy. If you are under pressure and don’t have time to rest, you need to manage your schedule and balance everything. Try to give more time to do things you like.

5. Avoid strong detergent

Daily cleansing can make you contact more detergent, while this substances will harm your skin and sometimes lead to allergies. Too hot water and strong soaps may increase your dryness in the skin. And then, you will look older than your age. So, to avoid this issue, you need to use warm water when taking a shower and use mild cleansers for your skin. Besides, you can use a moisturizer to avoid dryness. It’s one of the reasons that lead to your problems in the skin.

Daily cleansing contains more detergent will harm your skin and sometimes lead to allergies

Daily cleansing containing more detergent will harm your skin and sometimes lead to allergies

6. Drink more water

Why water is important for your skin. It’s because water will clear the toxins in the body that lead to inflammation and blemishes. It also supports transmitting oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. So, it’s vital for you to drink more water that help possess younger skin. It’s recommended to drink at least 2 liter each day. If you do a lot of activities, you need more water.

You see, skin affects your appearance and job, you will be more confident in your life and won’t be shy if you have beautiful skin. That’s why you need to take more time to care it. Besides using cosmetic, you need to encourage good ways to protect your skin and make it healthier.