As a common skin disorder, eczema is called dermatitis that occurs in all people, especially in children. It’s estimated that more than 30 million Americans get some types of eczema. The disorder isn’t only confusing but also affects lives of people. People can get it by a lot of causes. Some causes can be genetics, weakened immune system or other infections. But having a big trigger of eczema in most people is stress. It leads to most cases of eczema and other diseases. Thus, to prevent eczema as well as other skin problems, you need to manage your stress.

What do you know about eczema?

Eczema is an inflammation on the skin. Its forms are different from each other. There are 8 different types of eczema that you can get:

– Atopic eczema

– Hand dermatitis

– Contact eczema

– Dyshidrotic dermatitis

– Nummular dermatitis

– Neurodemartitis

– Stasis dermatitis

– Seborrheic demartitis

Everyone can make one of these types of eczema. But generally, eczema often occurs as itchy, red, and rough plagues. After that, blisters may be appeared. When they break down, the infected areas may ooze and weep.

There are a lot of risk factors of the disorder, but most of them are unknown clearly. It’s though that eczema is caused by genetics or environment factors. If parents have had eczema, their children also get it easily. Or even when they get other skin infections, their children also have danger of having eczema. Besides, environment is considered one of the causes of the disorder. Dirty air, polluted water and harmful substances can kill your skin cells. Then, they lead to many problems on your skin.

Not only that, people who have weakened immune system often get it. That’s why children and people with other infections tend to develop eczema. This may be because they don’t have enough antibodies that fight against eczema, then causing their disorders. In some of main causes of eczema, stress can be a dangerous factor. It affects both mental and physical sides in the body. Then, you will feel exhausted and don’t have enough energy to fight anything. This becomes an excellent chance for development of an eczema.

How stress affects your eczema and skin

As you know, stress will cause your eczema and other skin problems. It makes the infection and skin worse. Let’s see how it affects your body.

Stress is a reason that leads to eczema. It’s because when dealing with stress, your body increases cortisol. It’s a hormone stress. Normally, cortisol controls the body’s blood sugar levels that help in regulating metabolism. But too much cortisol when having stress may reduce your immune system. Then, it creates many chances infections on the skin such as eczema, acne, and hives.

Not only that, stress will always make your body tired and affect your sleep. It’s showed that sleeplessness has a huge effect on the skin’s ability to fight eczema disorder. Also, once having troubles with sleep, it can lead to other diseases.

Stress may cause your itch worse. Also, eczema always goes with itching and painful. If you’re stress, it increases your anxiety. Then, you can’t ignore bad symptoms like itch and pain. Once focusing on the itching and its discomfort, your eczema tends to be worse.

How to deal with stress to relieve eczema signs

Because of stress disadvantages, you need to manage it. This doesn’t only help ease eczema signs but also prevents other diseases. There are a lot of ways that help you manage your stress:

Learn to relax. The best way to treat stress is relaxing and enjoying your hobbies. This helps balance your mind and keep out of bad thinking. Reading books, listening to music or hanging out with friends may be the effective ways in deleting stress. Besides, you need to reduce your jobs, overwork may can increase your stress fast. Avoiding triggers that cause your stress and learn ways to relax is essential for you.

Do exercise. Exercise is extremely in dealing with stress that may cause your eczema. When doing exercise, it will decrease your anxiety and increase hormones which help improve your mood better. Besides, deep breathing in doing exercise can relieve your stress and make you feel better. So, you can do yoga or gentle exercises like jogging or walking to improve your mood and delete your stress.

Try to get enough sleep. Although stress with eczema disturbs your sleep, you need to get enough sleep at night. A nice sleep with enough time will lower your stress. But it still has some difficulties for you when your skin is itchy because of eczema. You should tell your doctor about the problem. Medications may be taken to relieve your itch and help your sleep well. Try to get sleep at least 8 hours each night.

Change your lifestyle. Unhealthy life style and bad living environment can raise your stress. To reduce stress, you need to practice healthy lifestyle. Don’t go to bed late with any reason. Going to bed late may destroy your immune system and cause many other diseases. Eating a lot of harmful diet like fried foods or fast foods also develops your stress. These foods will cause difficulties in digesting and consuming nutrients.

Find support. Stress makes you anxious and tired. Thus, you need to find someone who can share with you. Once receiving sympathy and respect, your mood is better. People around you are willing to support you.

Stress has a big impact on both mental and physical aspects of the body. It’s a trigger of many diseases. Not only that, it’s a cause of eczema. So, you need to prevent stress as soon as possible. When having some initial signs of stress, you should practice above tips to stop it.