Eczema is one of the most common skin disorders, it occurs in all people, especially in children. In fact, more than 30 million people in the US get some form of eczema. Due to polluted environment, genetic and other factors, people who get eczema have been increased. This disease is not only confused but also affects patients’ life. To understand what eczema is, its causes as well as its symptoms, it’s necessary for you to know an overview about eczema.

What is eczema?

Eczema is also called dermatitis that means inflammation of the skin. It has different forms with different people. But in generally, eczema begins as red, itchy, cracked and rough plaques. Then, blisters can also appear. When the blisters break, the affected skin will ooze and weep. There is no cure for this disorder, but treatment can control and ease its symptoms.

Causes of eczema

The causes of eczema are unknown until now. But it’s thought that eczema occurs due to a combination between environment and genetic factor. Children who tend to get this disorder are more likely to raise than adults. Especially, if parents have had eczema, children have higher chance to get it, too. Or even when parents have had other disorders such as asthma and seasonal allergies, children also have high risk to get eczema. That’s because eczema runs in family.

Besides, environment factor is seen one of the reasons. People contact with thousands substances each day. These substances can be harmful and harm skin cells. Then they cause a lot of skin disorders. Eczema is one of them. People get it when contacting with materials that can cause allergy such as shampoos, soaps, detergents and food. Besides, connecting with dirty substance in the environment too much can lead to get many skin disorders.

Stress and weak immune system also cause eczema. You know, stress not only leads to eczema but also makes symptoms become worse. For people who have weak immune system, their body won’t have enough antibody and energy to fight against other harmful substances. Once this occurs, harmful materials will attack their body and skin. And of course, skin disorders will appear.

How is eczema diagnosed?

Even though there is no tests to diagnose your eczema, most dermatologist can identify your disorder by looking at your skin and asking you some questions. In some cases, doctor can perform allergy tests to determine possible triggers or irritants. It’s because many people with eczema also have allergies. Especially in children, when diagnosing with eczema, they usually get allergies tested.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Most people have eczema before 5 years old. And half of those will continue to have signs as an adults. The symptoms of eczema may be different from the ages get it. No matter which parts of the skin are infected, eczema is always itchy and rash or blisters can appear. Besides, it also has other signs:

With newborn children, eczema with rashes commonly occur on cheeks and scalp. They will cause extremely itchiness that make people difficult to sleep. Besides, rashes often bubble up before crying fluid.

With children from 2 years old to teenagers. Eczema with rashes can appear behind the creases of elbows and knees. They also happen on ankles, neck, wrists and legs. After that, the symptoms can develop:

– Rashes can darken or lighten in color

– Rashes can become bumpy

– Rashes can thicken and then advance knots and enduring itch.

With adults, eczema with rashes usually happen in creases of elbows or knees. They can be prominent on face, neck, and around the eyes. Besides, they cover many parts of the body. In some cases, rashes can cause dry skin or itch and lead to other skin infections. Depending on the skin area is infected, the appearance of skin is also affected.

How is eczema treated?

There is no cures for eczema, but the aim of its treatment is to ease and prevent itching, which can cause infection. Because this disorder leads to skin dry and itchy, creams and lotion can be used to make the skin moist. People can use products to apply skin when it is damp to help the skin maintain moisture. So people can use creams or lotions after taking a shower, contacting with water.

Products are recommended to use for eczema such as hydrocortisone 1% cream or prescription creams. Ointments having corticosteroids are also a good product for eczema. These products often lessen the inflammation. And to relive itching, people can use cold compresses. In some cases, doctor can give you antibiotics to kill bacteria that causes infections.

Besides, people can control eczema by many ways in their life. People with eczema should wear cotton or soft fabrics, avoid wearing tight-fitting and rough clothing. When bathing, you should use non-soap cleanser or mild soap to prevent allergies. Also, you need to avoid rapid changes of temperature and activities in hot weather because they can make you sweat. It’s not good for your rashes and skin. It’s also necessary for you to keep fingernails short that help you prevent scratching from breaking skin. And you should use a humidifier in cold and dry weather. This way will help your skin less dry.

Even though having no treatment for eczema, people can have particular treatment plan for each case. And even when eczema has healed, it’s essential for you to look after it because eczema can occur again.