The largest organ of your body is your skin yet it is not usually paid a lot of attention to. Your skin covers and shield your internal organs as well as muscles and bones while maintaining and regulating the balance of temperature and water. It also serves as a warning to your overall health by showing up skin conditions usually whenever there are things negatively happening in your body. The importance of taking good care of your skin is significant and you should also pay attention to it every day to prevent potential skin problems. Many skin issues can be treated with ease from home, but sometimes a dermatologist is required.

What is a Dermatologist?

A trained medical doctor who specializes in the condition of your skin, nails, hair and can treat a wide range of skin issues such as eczema, scars, warts, acne,…etc as well as skin cancer.

There is also a popular branch of dermatology that some dermatologists specialize in called cosmetic dermatology. These dermatologists specialize in fixing and improving skin flaws such as old age conditions, discoloration, sunburn damages, wrinkles, scarring…etc. Cosmetic dermatologists help patients improving their appearance by fixing and restoring their skin to a more natural and youthful condition. Various cosmetic procedures are utilized such as laser treatments, facial peels, fillers…etc.

When should you see a Dermatologist?

Whenever you can’t answer a concern or question regarding your own skin’s health (after researching by yourself), it is essential to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. On top of that, unusual symptoms on your body such as abnormal hair growth/loss, a strange pump or brittle nails are indications that you should pay your dermatologist a visit.

More importantly, if you are in doubt or having a risk factor of a potential skin cancer developing, then it is absolutely crucial to regularly check with your dermatologist. Early detection and treatment are the key to effectively cure cancer.

Some people also visit their dermatologists for cosmetic reasons as well. For examples, sunspots, spider veins or lines that they want to make them less visible. A qualified cosmetic dermatologist will be able to provide you a customized skin care plan based on your lifestyle.